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1310 Pendleton St.,

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Cincinnati, OH 45202

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


Brand new artwork

These 3 pieces are entered in a national composition, "Brush Off" to support a cure for Alzheimer's. The show will be held in Memphis, TN at the Avenue Art Gallery in April. 

My Mother had Alzheimer's.

She slowly slipped into her own world that didn't include me. In honor of her, I created these three paintings to help raise awareness for Alzheimer's. Researching for this project, I found that the Alzheimer's Association: San Antonio & South Texas* created a different color flower for the different people touched by Alzheimer's. I used their colors as inspiration for my paintings.

Shared Memories” - Carrying a yellow flower means you are a caregiver to someone with Alzheimer's or dementia.

  • In this painting, the flower represents a pansy. Pansies are on of the first flowers to be planted in cold weather climes because of their ability to endure in all kinds of weather conditions. In the center is the vine that represents Alzheimer's, winding it's way into the life of the caregiver.

Silent Memories” - Carrying a purple flower means you lost someone to Alzheimer's.

  • The Purple in this painting represents the person with Alzheimer's. The black shapes represent all of the love ones touched by the loss and the red represents the life line of the person. My Mother lived for years and years with this disease.

Sacred Memories” - Carrying an orange flower means you support the Alzheimer's Association.

  • In this painting, the orange represents all of the people who give of their time and money to cure the horrible disease.
Shared Memories Shared Memories

Shared Memories

Silent Memories Silent Memories

Silent Memories

Sacred Memories Sacred Memories

Sacred Memories

Winds Blue Winds Blue

Winds Blue

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