Work from your Happy Place

Work from your Happy Place

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When You are Determined the Magic Happens

Carol is a contemporary artist who runs her art business seemingly 24 hours a day. 

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and started her career working for many years in marketing and advertising for large corporations. She became a full-time artist and has built a successful business about 20 years ago.

“The first step of building a successful business in arts is to stop keeping your works closed in your studio and share it with the world.”

Episode Summary-

Building a successful business as an artist seems impossible. This is what you will hear most artists saying and complaining about all the time.

The truth is that they lack the passion for building a successful business.

In today’s episode, Carol MacConnell shares how her determination has helped her build a successful business in arts. She also shares some insightful strategies for building a successful business in fine arts.
If you are determined, you will find a way out and achieve it no matter what the situations are.

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