Why I created 6 Designer Handbags


I recently got a commission from a client/friend who wanted a designer handbag with a specific detail- a sheep's head clasp, to give to a friend as a gift! Although this was outside of my brand I was intrigued by this challenge. I began searching for stencils to combine to make the patterns for the bags. I don't work a lot with stencils so I had two 12x12 boards to use as throwaways to experiment on. I wanted to give the client a choice of the design so I decided to paint six entirely different bags!

These little 8x8 paintings became very time consuming with the precision in which they had to be done! Each one turning into a little jewel. I presented them all to my client who selected a design. 

With the learning curve behind me , I was able to create exactly what she wanted. 


It was packaged and shipped in time for the event.


Then I sent an email to my list to give them first dibs on the bags. Three sold immediately! Click here to see which ones sold.

These little paintings are a great addition to master bedroom en suites and master closets. They come framed and ready to hang. (Finished size about 10x10)

Grab one before they're gone!




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