This is the hottest homeware color for 2022 – prepare for serious 70s vibes

The orange homeware trend is gathering speed, experts reveal how to add it to your home

The 1970s-era interior design trend has made a strong comeback during the past two years. Recently, we've noticed that the classic hue orange is making a comeback in our houses.

This orange color is different from the Tango or Fanta orange that is frequently painted on a hostel's walls. The new color fad for 2022 is all about deep terracotta and pops of burnt orange.

The strong color can be difficult to deal with, but that hasn't stopped it from influencing our selections for home furnishings and accessories. According to data provided by eBay, searches for burnt orange chairs increased by 93% this spring.


It's simple to see the appeal of the greatest armchair covered in burnt orange velvet. It evokes the best aspects of the 1970s without becoming dominating in a room.

According to Grace Baena, Interiors Curator of Kaiyo, "As we move away from the epidemic, our culture is feeling more positive, which then reflects into our home interior color selections" (opens in new tab). Pink and orange are especially popular together since they complement each other so beautifully. A serene and beautiful look can be achieved by selecting duller colors of both.

How to decorate with orange accents

It is recommended to avoid using too many bold pops of orange in your home to prevent it from seeming like an easy Jet lounge. Softer color shades are frequently used for a more sophisticated appearance.

While orange is a striking color, Alex argues that orange hues are a fantastic way to add warmth to a room without competing with the current living room ideas. Additionally, she proposes boosting the hue in other areas.

Armchairs are a terrific piece to start with if you want to go big with terracotta furniture, she continues. If you'd want to effortlessly add warmth to your space without spending a lot of money, choose the new hue from 2022.

Try burnt orange carpets, mugs, and abstract wall art; they'll all work well to introduce a deep earthiness to your home.

According to Alex Hiatt, Head of eBay Home & Garden, "a nostalgic '70s classic - burnt orange and earthy terracotta accents are popular as customers try to build interiors utilizing things that have transcended across many aesthetic eras."

However, many designers believe that the move to vibrant hues will also bring a hint of hope to homes after numerous lockdowns, in addition to conjuring a nostalgic color scheme.

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