Diptych? Why?

Diptych? Why?

When an art consultant approached me for a large diptych piece, I had the perfect solution. This recently completed unstretched canvas could be presented either as a single painting or a diptych. Here are the details:

The original painting measures 64x72 inches. By stretching it as a diptych, with two panels of 60x32 inches each, the overall width increases to approximately 70 inches, including the space between the panels. This expanded size allows the artwork to make a bolder statement in the client's space.

To help visualize the diptych option, i was able to take images of the painting, in both the single and diptych configurations, iand drop them into photos of the client's actual home interior. This provided a realistic preview of how the piece would look installed.

This is the painting as the whole image. It is 60x60. One of the reasons to do a diptych is to increase the size of the art in the space. The painting as one is 60 inches wide. As a diptych, it is approximately 70 inches wide including the space between the two paintings.

The diptych presentation offers an intriguing way to increase the visual impact and presence of the artwork within the room. The composition takes on a more expansive, panoramic quality by splitting the original canvas into two adjacent panels. At the same time, the diptych format introduces an intriguing duality, inviting the viewer to perceive connections and contrasts between the two halves.




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