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Décor Trends According to a Million-Dollar Decorator

As we welcome the new year with new goals of improving ourselves and our lives, why not consider ways to refine our surroundings as well? For so many of us, our home is our resting place where we hope to find comfort, relaxation, and happiness. In the confines of our home, we seek solace from the stressors of the outside world. We strive to create space in our abode that positively impacts us and our friends and family whom we invite into our home. I was recently intrigued by an article on mydomaine.com that features Mary McDonald, star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators. In the article, McDonald shares her opinions on new décor trends and old trends that should be put to rest. I found the article to be inspiring, as it quite simply demonstrates how we can freshen up our personal domains as we dive into 2017.

The Top 2017 Design Trends

My Biggest Takeaway…

My biggest takeaway from McDonald’s expert advice is the idea of building off of a basic, classic palette when decorating a room.  From here, you can pepper in current trends by adding a few statement pieces, such as a unique piece of furniture or a vibrant painting. By using a classic design, you can avoid dated décor by swapping out these statement pieces. What’s In? What’s Out?

Below is a quick rundown of McDonald’s trends that are in and those that are out. Now, please excuse me while I go roll up my chevron rug and toss it on the curb. 


OUT: Hollywood Regency 
It’s heavy and gaudy.
INEuropean Style
For European Style inspiration, McDonald looks to history, the current design world, and people who are combining ideas in a new and edgy way.  ​


OUTOverkill Brass
Not everything has to be brass! Choose only a couple of items to be brass or gold in a room.
INNatural Elements 
McDonald is drawn to bringing natural facets into a room. This provides a unique experience where lines are not necessarily clean and imperfections in pieces are cherished. ​


Painting: Carol MacConnell

OUT: Chevron
Chevron is everywhere, and McDonald is over it.
IN: Bold florals
Combine floral patterns to portray modern elements.


​OUT: Edison Bulbs
Like chevron, Edison bulbs are overexposed and everywhere.
IN: Smart Technology
Incorporate pieces that save you time and energy in your smart home, and are clean and chic-looking to boot.


OUT: Gray
Add some color to your palette this year.
IN: Jewel Tones
Spice up the driftwood and grays with jewel tones such as Benjamin Moore’s color called, Shadow.


What are your favorites?


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