artist Carol Macconnell paints at the Cincinnati Art Museum

Art in Bloom

art in bloom at the cincinnati art museum

Verdin Bells and Clocks (2017), formica laminate on panel by Curtis Goldstein (b. 1966) and Matt Lynch (b. 1969)

Yesterday I painted in the main hallway at the Cincinnati Art Museum. It was a full circle moment.

I painted in front of a work of art created by Curtis Goldstein and Matt Lynch. The piece was made totally out of Formica laminate.

My favorite job long before I became a full-time painter was as the Advertising Manager for Formica Corporation. The world headquarters is in Cincinnati. I loved that job. I was able to work with great graphic designers, photographers, international magazines, display companies and printers. So the fact that the art that my painting was inspired by was made out of laminate was fabulous. Full circle moment #1.

The image, (one of 6 pieces) was of the Verdin Bell and Clocks. The Verdin Company is the landlord of the Pendleton Art Center which houses 175 artists under one roof. My studio is on the 7th floor of that building. Full circle moment #2.

Art in Bloom is a multi day event paring floral creations to works of art. I worked with Robin Wood Flowers, the premiere florist in Cincinnati.

Robin also had another career before she became a master floral arranger. Many years ago, she was the morning DJ on the hard rock station, WEBN. When I decided to leave the management side of business and go into sales, so I could have more time freedom to do my artwork, I took a job as an account executive at WEBN. Robin was part of the Dawn Patrol morning show during that same time. Robin didn’t really know me, I was just one more AE in the procession of  Account Executives. But when I wanted someone to be inspired by a painting and create their own work of art in flowers, it was Robin Wood that I wanted. Robin’s creation was incredible! I heard many people say it was the best in the whole museum. I was amazed at how beautifully she interpreted the painting. Full circle moment #3!

I created a whimsical piece in 4 hours that was auctioned off with the money going to the Art Museum.

I also brought two pieces to display near my easel and I am happy to say that both pieces sold!

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